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1Songs Francis Magalona - Cold Summer Nights on Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:55 am


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Cold Summer Nights - Francis Magalona
I keep on blaming my self
I should have eaten my pride
how can i convince you
its just a matter of time many times
i've hurt you with my foolish ways oh girl
now i know i have to pay the price
is there a way for u to turn around,
turn around and come back baby ohh
baby cant u see

its been cold summer nights
since we drifted apart
cold summer nights
since you walked out that door
cold summer nights
here on my own coz i miss you baby,
i need you here RAP: cold summer nights girl,
i really miss you you rocked my world
i wanna touch you and kiss you its my fault
i never called you at home i'm on the phone,
wishing you could call i'm all alone is there a way
for you to turn around and come back to me
i hope you understand that i'm your man and together
we can kiss and make up 'coz you know i cant stand

Repeat Chorus

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